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Northwind Highlanders

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Greetings & Salutations from NBT-MWO!

Let me introduce myself. I am Xavier, League Precentor for NBT-MWO. One of my responsibilities is the signing up of new units into our league. This form is the first stage of your application for entry into the NBT-MWO League. To continue the process we have a couple questions for you. Please enter your replies in the following areas and submit the form for processing. We look forward to working with you to get your unit setup. There are no turns or cycles to worry about, so we can get you setup right away providing you meet the requirements to fill an active unit in NBT.

Once you have submitted your form for processing, the NBT Admins will get back to you as soon as possible with further information, as well as any questions we may have.  If you have any questions regarding the questions below, please feel free to contact Xavier. Thank you for your interest in our league, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

All items are required for processing. Incomplete forms will be deleted.
Your unit choice of Northwind Highlanders requires a minimum of 10NBT active pilots.

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Command E-Mail:


Unit Roster: Please send a copy of your current roster. We prefer you include Callsigns for all ACTIVE, MWO-capable pilots. Please note the CO and XO, as they will be the primary members dealt with for league matters. If a faction is granted, your CO and XO will need to register on the NBT-MWO HPG, as this is the primary means of communication between NBT admin and units, and between individual units and within faction councils..

You should always strive to maintain the minimum number of active pilots for your unit. This will enable you to fulfill your drop requirements without having to develop an over-reliance upon allies to fill out your drops. If you do not have a fully active roster, then please hold off applying for a unit. Instead we can work with you in setting up a merger with another active NBT units. Units that are consistantly unable to fulfill their own drop requirements will be asked to merge with another unit in the league.

Current Roster:


Previous NBT Experience: Have you or your command staff previously played in NBT under any aliases or with any other unit? If so, please identify the aliases and/or units involved. Please note prior NBT unit placement as well.

Prior NBT Experience:


Familiarity w/ Rules: Have you read the rules for NBT-MWO completely, especially the NBT Rules of Conduct? Do you understand them? If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know, or you may post them in the NBT-MWO forums.

Please note that the NBT-MWO rules are still in a state of flux. There are still many additional automation concepts left to be coded before league start, and these will be added into the rules as they are coded. Please be sure to monitor the League Updates page for these additions to the league rules so that you remain up to date on the current league system.

Rules / Questions:


Activity Level: How much activity are you aiming to take part in with your unit? Most units in NBT plan on playing several nights a week, a couple battles each session. This should be considered the bare minimum for a major unit within NBT (IC clans, large houses or house districts, etc.). If you feel that this is too much for your unit, the better bet is to join/merge with an existing NBT unit. We can provide you with recommendations as to which units would be the best bet for this, where your team could continue to play as a team, gaining NBT experience, while working up to the point you would be ready to take an independent slot within the league.

Please note that it is vitally important that your unit be able to handle your own drops. Relying upon allies to fill drops should be the exception, not the rule when running a unit in NBT. If your unit finds itself unable to participate in drops without heavily relying upon allied units, you will be asked to merge with an existing unit in the league. Each unit slot is designed to be filled by an independent unit, with the ability to regularly fufill its own drop requirements.

Please include your planned drop nights / times within the league. We understand that these are subject to change during the course of the league, but it will give us an idea for your initial availability.

Alternately, please provide the geographic area for the majority of your team (or areas, if your team has large groups in multiple parts of the world). Examples would be North America (NA), Europe (EU), Asia (ASIA), Australia (AU), etc.

Activity Level:


Dependability: Are your members dependable (stick around for the battle, show up when called, etc)? Also being a league member always requires a level of maturity. We are each here to have fun, and we welcome you, as long as you wish to promote that, both for yourself and others.



Role-Play & History: Each unit in the BattleTech universe has decades, if not centuries of history behind them. As such we are requiring that units play up their roles in the BTech universe as much as possible. In order to do so, you must have done research into your chosen faction. We are also asking you what goals do you have for your new unit? What do you want to accomplish in the NBT timeline that we are creating? Alliances, enemies, etc? Again, if you have any questions on this subject, let us know. Please remember that role-playing is an extensive part of being a major unit in NBT-MWO. Your initial diplomacy settings are set as a guideline for your enemies and allies. Attacks, alliances, battles can all be role-played for why you do what you do. The more the better.

Please note that Mercs and Pirates are not held as closely to the RP requirements of the league, but all Houses, Clans, Periphery and ComStar should closely consider their places within the CBT universe before applying for the slot.

Role-Play & History:


Additional Comments : Below you may put any additional comments or questions that you have on the donation arrangement, your unit application or the league in general. For the purposes of the initial application process, we request that each unit list 2 alternate unit choices that they would be interested in for the league. Applications without this information will not be processed.

Comments :


Conclusion: Please make sure that you have fully read the application above, and provided ALL requested information. Incomplete applications will not be processed. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you setting up your new unit within the league. Once you are sure that all required information has been provided, please click the Request Unit button below.

We at NBT, strive to maintain a close-knit group of units that work well together, while still trying to blow each other up. Therefore we tend to be very selective in allowing units to join. Not picky, but we do try to weed out troublemakers or place-holder units in advance. We would love to have you play in our league, as we really do enjoy all this mess and the chaos that results.

NBT has always been a highly active league. If you are looking for a place for you and your unit to fight on a regular basis, this is it! We look forward to working with you and your unit in the months to come. Thank you very much for your application.