Pilotís Handbook

Welcome to NBT-MWO!!!  If you are reading this, then you have shown interest in joining our BattleTech based community.  We want everyone to enjoy his or her experience in NBT. Therefore some rules are necessary to keep things running smoothly. Please READ the rules and if you do not understand something, ask the Administration about it. That is what we are here for.

To begin with, NBT-MWO is setup as a Unit Based Planetary League.  That means that each pilot participating within the NBT community is a member of a specific BattleTech unit.  Whether one of the Great Houses like Steiner or Davion to an Invading Clan like Wolf or Jade Falcon, each pilot works along side their fellow unit members to accomplish the goals of that unit.

Thus the next question to be asked is: What unit are you a member of? If you have not joined a unit, please take a look at our UNITS page for a complete listing of the active units in NBT. Each unit is made up of different groups of pilots, with varying histories and goals.  Your choice will determine your place within the NBT community.  Some units readily accept all applicants, while others require extensive training and testing before allowing a new pilot to take a 100 ton 'Mech into league combat.  Take a look at the various units, contacting their respective command staffs.  NBT is always looking for new pilots, and we have a place for you.

There are certain expectations that must be met by ANY pilot that plays within the NBT community.  This holds true from the lowest Cadet to a House Prince or Clan Khan.  They are truthfully simple requirements, and are easily met if your goal is to play and have fun.


NBT Rules of Conduct

The following are rules that are generally expected of most adults in all walks of life. A certain level of maturity is required to be a part of the NBT community.

  • The Rules: You will not taunt or otherwise encourage other players to violate any NBT or game rules.  You will not allow another player to taunt you into violating any NBT or game rules.  NBT Rules are to be upheld at all times, by all members.
  • Cheating: Cheating in ALL forms are strictly forbidden.  In the game, in the automation, in comms, wherever. Any player found intentionally cheating will be banned from NBT-MWO. This includes exploiting any bugs in the game itself to obtain an unfair advantage over your opponents.
    • Cheating Accusations: Should you feel that someone is cheating, you MUST have proof. At that point you will contact NBT Administration with said proof. No public announcements on the forums, IRC or emails.  NBT Admins will then make a determination on the nature of the proof, and what action will be taken.
  • Cursing & Offensive Remarks: You may not use any offensive, sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable remarks. You will not use partial masking in order to use inappropriate words that would otherwise be in violation of the rules. [Note: If we can tell what word you are trying to mask, and the word is in violation of the rules, then the partially masked word is in violation of the rules. Hint: Try using cartoon speak when you really want to say something naughty. "I am &^%^$% lost!" This is an example of complete masking and is acceptable.]
  • Gloating, Whining & Pouting: People win.  People lose.  This is a game. Winners are supposed to be proud of their accomplishments, but not to the detriment of the members and morale of the other unit.  On the other hand, when a battle is lost there is no excuse for stalking off or sulking as a result.  Learn from your mistakes and move on. Let the other team know it was a "Good Game" and continue playing. Basically this comes down to a certain level of maturity on the part of the members of the league.
  • Attitudes & Egos: These will not be tolerated in NBT. Each of us is here to have fun.  People with massive egos, chips on their shoulders, or just bad attitudes are a waste of the admins time as well as that of other units. If you are not here to have fun, and allow others to do the same, you are in the wrong place, and need to move on.
  • Legal Mumbo-Jumbo: You may not violate any local, state, national or international law or regulation while playing NBT. You may not use the game service to engage in illegal activity. You may not arrange for the exchange or transfer of any pirated software or other contraband while you are in the NBT automation or through the NBT website or forums.  You may not use the NBT Website for activities other than activities permitted in the game universe or events associated with NBT.

Players that violate the NBT Rules of Conduct may be subject to the temporary suspension of their NBT Play Rights as well as permanent banning if so determined by League Admins.


Mechs and Equipment

General Rules:

Each unit is designated as either a Clan unit or an Inner Sphere unit. This will determine what kind of chassis they may use - generally. Purchases of Cross-Tech 'Ď'Mechs are limited by various rules in place within the league automation. But during the course of league play, any pilot may pilot any 'Mech, regardless of Tech Class, provided (a) that 'Mech is present on planet, and (b) they have access to the 'Mech through their MWO account. This provides all units with the ability to use a wide range of 'Mechs.


There will be no restrictions on customization other than these:

  • If you are piloting an IS chassis, then you are required to use IS tech weapons on that 'Mech.
  • If you are piloting a Clan chassis, then you are required to use Clan tech weapons on that 'Mech.
  • Certain weapons are designated FreeTech, meaning they may be used on any 'Mech.
Weapon & 'Mech Listing

All weapons and 'Mechs within the Mechwarrior:Online game are allowed for use within league drops.


Battle Rules:

There are various rules that apply when you are involved in league drops on the NBT servers.

  • Unit Membership - Each pilot may only be a member of a single unit at any given time. In order to drop with your unit, you must be listed on their NBT roster within the automation.
  • Unit Insignia - Pilots must wear their names as they appear on the roster and proper Unit Insignia at ALL times during battles. This includes if dropping for an allied unit.
  • Weapon Restrictions: The above Weapons Restrictions are in effect at ALL times. No exceptions.
  • Camping - Defined as running off to hide at any point in the drop, with no intention of fighting. Your team should be attempting to engage the enemy at all times. You joined the league to fight - so FIGHT. Being found guilty of camping will result in harsh penalties.
  • Cheating - We will not put up with cheating in any form. Period! We will eject any persons or unit that we even SUSPECT is cheating. No excuses. Do not try to exploit the rules. We will not put up with anyone trying to "cheat the system". If there are loopholes in some rules, then please notify us if you see that it could pose problems for the league. Do not exploit "bugs" in the game, especially bugs that give you a clear advantage in battle.

Your Unit and Battle Commanders can provide further information as well. Players that violate the above rules may be subject to the temporary suspension of their NBT Play Rights as well as permanent banning if so determined by League Admins.


Lastly, please understand that all of the Administrators of this league volunteer their time, talents and, sometimes even money to make this work. We are all adults and can take constructive criticism and suggestions, but if you just want to gripe and whine - you're in the wrong league.

Once again, we welcome you to the NBT-MWO community. Each of here is to have fun & blow each other up.  May your victories be many, and your aim true. See you on the battlefield!