NBT-MWO League Channels

You may join these channels at anytime.  Our IRC server is provided by NBT / Phoenix Creation.  All NBT policies and guidelines are enforced. NBT reserves the right to ban anyone found breaking their rules.

  • #NBT-Social This room is for use by ALL NBT members as well as any passerby.  NBT Rules of Conduct are in effect here.  Come one, come all.
  • #NBT-Admin This channel is the general room for all NBT Command Staff. Admins, Commanders, and Officers may meet here to discuss the league, options, questions, etc.
  • #NBT-Drop This room is reserved for those Unit Commanders who are CURRENTLY involved in a league drop. A Server Admin will generally always be here during drop hours.  Server problems, questions, and changes.
  • #NBT-Mercs - This room is designated as the hangout for Merc units looking for contracts and drops. If a unit is looking for Merc pilots to fill out a drop, then this is the channel to look for pilots in.



This short little doc is to help those new to IRC get on the irc.netbattletech.com IRC server.

The first thing you will need is an IRC client. This doc tells you about mIRC. You can download mIRC from http://www.mirc.com/. The installation is very simple, download, double click the file and you can pretty much take the  defaults.

After the install there is an mIRC icon on the desktop (if you took the  defaults). Double click and mIRC will open with a splash screen giving you info  on the author of the software. Click the X to get him off the screen and this  window should pop up.

Click the ADD button.


A window like this will pop up. Enter the following.

  • Description: NBT Irc Server
  • IRC Server: irc.netbattletech.com
  • Port: 6667
  • Group and password leave blank

Now you are back to the first screen.

  • Full Name: You can put anything you want, some put a quote in there, others  put nickname, some put unit.
  • Email Address: can also be any address, if you use this on public servers it is not recommended to put your real email address here.
  • Nickname: Hopefully you dont need me to explain this
  • Alterative: This is used if the first nick is already in use.

You now click OK and this window will come up.


You will see an icon on the upper left of the bar that looks like a lighting bolt, click this to connect to the server. You will see the MOTD (message of the  day) go flying by with other info. Also a small window named notify list pops up. Close the notify window for now we will come back to that.

You will see the status window. It looks like this:


On the bottom of the status bar you can type text. Here is where you can issues some basic commands. To start all commands start with the /. The main ones you will want to know is how to get a list of channels. How to join a  channel. The last is how to private message someone.

  • /list Gives a list of channels. If you are on any other IRC server this  command can bring you much grief.
  • /join #channelname Joins a channel. The # is optional for some servers (might  not need it in mIRC at all)
  • /msg LCAF_Traxxas message to send (sends a private message to a user with the  nick name LCAF_Traxxas)

The channel list window looks like this:


From here you can see the channel names. You may right click on a name for a menu and join is on that list, or you may type on the typeable area on the  status window /join #channelname.

Once you are in a channel a new window will pop up with the channel name.  Should look like this:


In this window (above) you see a list of names on the right side. That is who  is in the channel and can see public messages. 

Private message will open a small window that has the name of the person you are messaging. Looks like this:


You can type in the window and it goes directly to the user that you have  listed on that window.

The last command that you may want to know for general chat is how to change your nick name on the fly. To do this you type /nick Nickname

That is the basics for those who want to chat.



For those familiar with irc this is old news. For those new to it here are the basics to admin a channel. A common question is how do we create a channel. Easy type /join #channelname  and poof it is created. Once everyone leaves the channel it goes away. There is a channel server that is a bot but Im not going to get into that.

Once you are in the channel there are some basic commands. To access these you can double click in the channel window and an admin screen comes up.


  • Topic is displayed on the top of the channel window. This can be anything but not all IRC client can take the entire topic if it is long.
  • Invite only: Click this and you have to use the /invite nickname #channelname  to allow people to join your channel
  • Limit to: This limits the number of people that can be in your channel at one time.
  • Private: This makes it a private channel, I believe this wont show channel  when the /list command is done.
  • Secret: Wont show a list of names if someone does a /who #channelname
  • Key: Password protect channel. If you use the key the command to join is /join #channelname password
  • Moderated: Useful for meetings. Mutes all those without ops. If you want to  give someone voice you type /mode #channelname +v nickname.
  • No External Messages: This keeps people from outside the channel putting a  message in the window.
  • Only ops change Topic: Keeps the topic from being changed by anyone who is not an op.
  • BAN LIST: Keeps those pesky Clanners or Freebirths out of your channel. To do this it is  best to use a mask on the email. To do so type /ban #channelname *!*@*domainname.com

That is the basic stuff. Enjoy!

Brought to you by Traxxas of the Lyran Alliance.


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