The following links include resources used in the creation of NBT-MWO, sites that provide support for MegaMek, as well as a listing of various leagues and Campaigns that make use of MegaMek or MekWars as their base platform.

Technical Resources


MegaMek Resources

Project Pages

MekWars Campaigns:

BattleTech Source Material


NBT MechWarrior: Mercenaries Leagues
  • NBT-MWO - MegaMek, Planetary league.
  • NBT-HC - Puretech, FFP, Planetary league.
  • NBT-Mercs - Puretech, FFP, Planetary league.
  • NBT-Solaris - Puretech, FFP Solaris league. Stage 1 Launched.


League Tutorials

Internet Relay Chat: IRC is the default chat protocol used by NBT-MWO. There are many IRC programs available online that can be used for this purpose. Generally we recommend mIRC or HydraIRC. Once you have the program downloaded and installed, you may follow this tutorial to setup your IRC connection to our NBT Chat Rooms

Weapon Information Data Sheets: The following is an overview and a statistics sheet for Clan and IS weapons. (Created by Derv)

  • InnerSphere Weapon Overview - doc pdf
  • InnerSphere Weapon Data Sheet - xls pdf
  • Clan Weapon Overview - doc pdf
  • Clan Weapon Data Sheet - xls pdf