NBT  Rules of Conduct

NBT has certain rules that are to be read and followed by all members of our community. These rules are ones that are generally expected of most adults in all walks of life. A certain level of maturity is required to be a part of the NBT community.

  • Admins: You will follow the instructions of authorized personnel while in NBT servers or on the Official NBT Forums. Authorized Personnel may include (but not limited to):  League Admins, Server Admins, & Forum Moderators.
  • The Rules: You will not taunt or otherwise encourage other players to violate any NBT or game rules. You will not allow another player to taunt you into violating any NBT or game rules.  NBT Rules are to be upheld at all times, by all members.
  • Cheating: Cheating in ALL forms are strictly forbidden.  In the game, in the automation, in comms, wherever. Any player found intentionally cheating will be banned from NBT-MWO. This includes exploiting any bugs in the game itself to obtain an unfair advantage over your opponents.
    • Cheating Accusations: Should you feel that someone is cheating, you MUST have proof. At that point you will contact NBT Administration with said proof.  No public announcements on the forums, IRC or emails. NBT Admins will then make a determination on the nature of the proof, and what action will be taken.
  • Cursing & Offensive Remarks: You may not use any offensive, sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable remarks.  You will not use partial masking in order to use inappropriate words that would otherwise be in violation of the rules. [Note: If we can tell what word you are trying to mask, and the word is in violation of the rules, then the partially masked word is in violation of the rules. Hint: Try using cartoon speak when you really want to say something naughty. "I am &^%^$% lost!" This is an example of complete masking and is acceptable.]
  • Gloating, Whining & Pouting: People win.  People lose.  This is a game. Winners are supposed to be proud of their accomplishments, but not to the detriment of the members and morale of the other unit. On the other hand, when a battle is lost there is no excuse for stalking off or sulking as a result. Learn from your mistakes and move on.  Let the other team know it was a "Good Game" and continue playing. Basically this comes down to a certain level of maturity on the part of the members of the league. 
  • Attitudes & Egos: These will not be tolerated in NBT. Each of us is here to have fun.  People with massive egos, chips on their shoulders, or just bad attitudes are a waste of the admins time as well as that of other units. If you are not here to have fun, and allow others to do the same, you are in the wrong place, and need to move on.
  • Legal Mumbo-Jumbo: You may not violate any local, state, national or international law or regulation while playing NBT. You may not use the game service to engage in illegal activity. You may not arrange for the exchange or transfer of any pirated software or other contraband while you are on the NBT Servers or Website. You may not use the NBT Servers or Website for activities other than activities permitted in the game universe or events associated with NBT.  You will not attempt to interfere with, hack into or decipher any transmissions to or from the servers run by NBT.

Players that violate the NBT Rules of Conduct may be subject to the temporary suspension of their NBT Play Rights as well as permanent banning if so determined by League Admins.


Legal Information

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Server Guidelines

There are a handful of key rules enforced on EVERY public NBT server, regardless of what kind of server it is. To make it easy for visitors, these rules are included whenever rules are provided.  NBT's rules are based on providing the most comfortable gaming environment possible.


Derogatory language and slander involving race, gender, sexual preference, religion or creed, including negative use of otherwise harmless words such "gay" or "jew", is not tolerated on any NBT server. This policy is enforced across the board. If a bigot feels the need to express his views on our server, they are creating a hostile environment for our other players. This can be such a serious issue that a warning is not always necessary. We do not feel the need to provide free servers to hate-mongers.


A little healthy trash-talk is fine and appropriate to gaming, just as it is to almost any other sporting event. However, prolonged and unsolicited harassment may be grounds for removal. No player on a NBT server should have to feel unfairly targeted or attacked. In the event that a player feels the need to continually harass another gamer, they will be requested to cease immediately. If they continue, they may be removed.


Cheating in ANY form is an instantly bannable offense. There is no warning; there is no second chance. NBT, in its intent to provide servers to the serious gamer, has chosen to take this step to help insure its patrons are getting a fair game. Whenever cheaters are caught via an automated system (a la PunkBuster), or by solid telltales shown to an observing admin, they will be removed.

Cheating can include such obvious hacks as an aimbot or autofire 3rd-party program, wallhacks, the Happy Flag (huge models), spiked models, money or spell exploits, or disabling/exploiting game attributes (such as a smoke-removal hack, using the cloak-pack or shield pack bugs to "stack" attributes). Cheating also includes such exploits as a scripted bunnyhop, ghosting (a dead player using the camera to assist a live player via RogerWilco, telephone, across a room, etc), macroing to build skills, or other such influential advantages that give the player an unfair advantage, therefore effectively handicapping the other players on the server.


Players that deliberately hinder their team (such as by flashbanging their own teammates, stacking detpacks to block doorways, shooting friendly players off of stations, and so on) may be removed without warning. For milder transgressions, a warning is, of course, appropriate. However, a player that is intentionally (and sadistically) disabling their own team goes against the idea of the 'serious gamer', and is therefore not welcome on our servers.

Spamming or Flooding the text chat with repeated messages is frowned upon, especially messages that have no bearing on the game. Not only is it a distraction from people that are trying to play (and may not be interested in your personal site or joining your clan), but it also inhibits players' ability to effectively use the chat. If their message of "the enemy is behind us" gets scrolled off by "GOD I H8 U NUEWBS" before anyone can read it, it makes it that much more difficult for a team to work together successfully. Spamming/flooding is therefore a no-no.