League Overview

  • Function: noun
  • Etymology: Middle English (Sc) ligg, from Middle French ligue, from Old Italian liga, from ligare to bind, from Latin
  • an association of nations or other political entities for a common purpose
  • an association of persons or groups united by common interests or goals
  • a group of sports teams that regularly play one another
  • an informal alliance

Welcome to NBT

Welcome to NetBattleTech: MWO! NBT is one of the oldest planetary resource leagues in existence. It has evolved through several incarnations starting in the mid-1990’s with Activision’s Mechwarrior2: Mercenaries and continuing on through Microsoft’s Mechwarrior 4: Vengeance, Black Knight & Mercenaries. Now, with Mechwarrior:Online, NBT has reinvented itself once again.

NBT-MWO has an automation, comprehensive rules set, and a BattleTech Universe map that has no equal. The goals of the new NBT-MWO league are slightly different from past NBT leagues. They include (but are not limited to):

  • New 'Mechs and Weapons balance system based on CBT concepts
  • Expanding the information available to all pilots in the league
  • Much stricter role-play environment for the major units of the league

It is the aim of the NBT team to provide the online gaming and BattleTech enthusiast with the ultimate planetary resource league experience; from exciting simulator battle to the challenge of managing a House, Clan, Periphery Kingdom, Pirate band or Mercenary unit. We hope that you will enjoy your stay in NBT-MWO. And, once again, welcome to the best planetary league on the Net!




With all of the BTech History available to build upon, NBT is requiring that its major member units role-play their selected unit to the best of their ability. This will mean knowing your units history and motivations, and bringing those into the new league.  Your unit name is not just a label, it is an entire identity.

We are NOT requiring that our member units play out the BTech timeline after 3050, whether from CBT sourcebooks, and definitely not anything as regards the Dark Age timeline.  NBT makes its own history.  We are expecting you to role-play your units as you feel they should have acted in the BTech timeline.  Alliances may be made and broken, battles fought, borders change. But all must be done with at least a minimum of RP and backstory provided.

League Units:

There are a wide variety of units available to choose from:  From the Major Houses and Invading Clans, to the factions of the Periphery and Kerensky Cluster. There are also dozens of BTech Merc units available to choose from, as well as various Pirate and Periphery units not listed on the main site.

Please take a look at our Unit Application page for more information on the units available.


Ruling Body:

The ruling body (Administration) of the league will be called ComStar. ComStar, as a unit, does not participate in the league. The various members of ComStar are listed below. They should be contacted directly when you have a question that falls under their specific area of expertise. Group Address: NBT-Admins

  • Precentor Xavier - Lead Admin (and coder)- Send PM
  • Demi-Precentor Tundra Wolf - Send PM

As the league is populated by a variety of personalities and people from all areas of the world and walks of life, disagreements sometimes happen between units. In the event that you find yourself at odds with another unit for any reason, there is a certain process to follow in order to bring about a quick and painless resolution to the problem.

  • Contact the other unit and let them know the problem or matter of contention. Best way to do this is by email. Most of us are adults in this league, and are mature enough to at least attempt to work out problems together. Please determine if you are able to come to some sort of agreement between yourselves that will satisfy both sides. As long as an agreement is reasonable, the Admins will generally support the agreed upon decision. Communication is the key to a league of this sort working. Without communication, the league cannot run smoothly, and the enjoyment level of all is decreased.

    If you have a problem with another unit, please contact them regarding it, even if it may seem a minor item. Do so in a mature and reasonable manner, explaining your position and why your unit feels the way it does. The other team should respond in kind. Please remember that mentioning a concern or problem is not the same as whining. We are all here to have fun and enjoy this game. We should all be striving to prevent situations that detract from the fun of any unit.

Only if a mutually satisfactory agreement cannot be reached, then proceed to step two.

  • Compose an email with the facts of the matter and send it to NBT-Admins. You MUST CC the other team with your complaint as well, or the complaint will be invalid. This prevents complaints from blind-siding another team, and it allows both sides to be heard. In the email should be only the facts of the matter at hand. Time, date, players involved, rules in question, screenshots, logs, etc. Keep the message concise and to the point; polite, not heated or inflammatory.

The Admins will then follow up on the matter and tender a decision, informing both sides of the final outcome. Any complaint may also be escalated directly to the Complaint Board, at the discretion of the admin handling the matter.

  • If the admins decision is viewed as flawed, a unit may request that the matter be sent to the NBT Complaint Board. No matter should be sent directly to the Complaint Board without having gone through the admins first. The purpose of the Complaint Board is as a check to the admins, not as general problem solvers. This board is made up of members of both IS and Clan factions. Included in the request should be the original complaint sent to the admins, the decision of the admins, as well as any email threads generated in the discussion of the complaint. The other team involved MUST be CC'd as well. Again, keep the communications polite and professional.
  • The Complaint Board will then discuss the matter amongst themselves. If they feel the matter requires action, they will tender their decision, which shall be binding upon both teams involved. They may choose to uphold or disagree with the admins decision.

In review: The process for handling league problems is:

  • Work it out together
  • Admin assistance
  • Complaint Board

The following actions can cause a complaint to be invalid: skipping steps, not CC'ing the other team, rude or profane language.  We request that you follow this procedure as closely as possible. It will help promote league cooperation, as well as keep the league running as smoothly as possible.



Once again, we would like to welcome you to NBT-MWO. We wish you many battles, victories, and just a lot of general fun. If you have any questions, please ask, or view the HPG Uplink for more information.