League Economics

Everything costs money, from jumps to buying 'Mechs. We shall use c-bills as the league currency, since BattleTech uses that as their primary currency.  It makes for large numbers but it keeps the bookkeeping simple. NBT has a fluid economy system.  All prices are subject to change based upon league availability and activity.

Monthly Income:

Income is paid to each unit every Sunday.  Maintenance costs are taken out at the same time. Each payment is determined by the Gross Income - Maintenance Costs, divided by 4 (weeks).  That way each unit has money coming in every week.  It also means that 4 times out of the year, you get an extra paycheck. 

Each and every planet in the galaxy has an industry amount assigned to it. This can be from 0 to 500,000,000 c-bills. The total of all of the industry on a Unit's planets will determine how much they will receive each month. Units will be able to invest in their planets to increase their output per month.  The cost of this increase will be based upon the current economy (ranging from 5-13 c-bills per point of increase).

Maximum Funds / Maximum Industry Limit: Each unit may have a maximum of 25 billion c-bills saved in their bank.  If a unit exceeds this amount on payday, a worker's holiday will be declared, and no income will be generated for that week. Units with 70+ planets may only have a maximum industry equal to the # of planets X 125 million.


Jump Types & Costs:




Heavy /Flag


Normal Jump -





Clan / Merc / Periphery Jumps -





Pirate Point Jump -





Surgical Strike Jump -






Purchasing Resources:

The following items may be purchased and delivered to various planets throughout your space. Certain restrictions apply to each.

  • Mechs: Cost and availability varies by chassis. Factory Production and Black Market are the only 'Mech sources.
  • Industry upgrade:  5-13 c-bills per 1 c-bill of upgrade (any owned planet / 500 million per planet) 
  • Transferring Charge Stations: When Charge Stations are loaded or unloaded there is an approx. 250 million fee charged. The fee will vary based on current CS pricing, as well as unit class.
  • Jumpships: The following units have the ability to purchase Jumpships at any of their factories: Capellan Confederation, Draconis Combine, Federated Commonwealth, Free Worlds League, Free Rasalhague Republic, Word of Blake, Clan Diamond Shark, Clan Snow Raven. There is a limit to the number of Jumpships that may be purchased from each unit's factories. The ability to produce Jumpships is a unit specific ability, not factory specific (thus taking a factory from the above unit will not magically grant Jumpship production to the attacking unit).
    • FlagShip Exception: Additional FlagShips may be acquired by converting an existing Heavy Jumpship into a FlagShip. The carrying capacity of the JS is reduced to Medium level, and Flag bonuses apply.  The cost of this upgrade varies. The Heavy JS must be located at your Capital, and be empty of 'Mechs.

Black Market:

The Black Market is a back room method for units to purchase 'Mechs for their planets. 'Mechs purchased from the Black Market may be delivered to ANY owned planet, regardless of factory status. All 'Mechs sold from any unit will go into the Black Market. In addition Merc and Pirate units may elect to sell to the Black Market 'Mechs stolen in a successful 'Mech Raid for full purchase price. Only IS based units may purchase 'Mechs from the Black Market.

  • The Black Market may deliver 'Mechs to any owned planet or any planet where you have Allied Garrison present. A minimum of 10 of your 'Mechs must already be present in Allied Garrison for it to be a valid delivery point.
  • The cost of the 'Mechs available on the Black Market are directly related to the number of each chassis available. The more of a certain 'Mech available, the less the cost.  Rare 'Mechs are much more expensive. It's the law of supply and demand, in other words.
  • Black Market deliveries take place immediately, unless it is under Full Battle Lockdown or in Political Instability mode.


Maintenance Costs:

There are certain costs entailed in maintaining such large units in the BattleTech universe. The automation will keep track of all resources that you own and deduct the following maintenance costs from your account.

    • Planets: 12,500,000 per
    • Charge Station: 150,000,000 per
    • Command Flagships: 75,000,000 per
    • ComStar Fees: 3,500,000 (or more) per planet
    • Heavy Jumpships: 35,000,000 per
    • Medium Jumpships: 20,000,000 per
    • Light Jumpships: 12,500,000 per
    • Transports: 12,500,000 per

Mechs: The maintenance cost of each 'Mech is determined by its current status within the league, as well as its specific Chassis.  The base cost is 250,000 per month, and goes up from there.




Mothball /

Light ‘Mechs




Medium ‘Mechs




Heavy ‘Mechs




Assault ‘Mechs





Transferring Money:

Money may be transferred at anytime between units by using the automation. Unless you are at Full Alliance with the receiving unit, a % of the funds will be deducted from the money transfer. The lower your Diplomacy setting, the higher the transfer fee. See Alliances & Diplomacy for fee schedule.

Units may setup automatic money transfers to take place to Merc units, as part of their contract obligations.  These are set on the Diplomacy page.



Ordering 'Mechs:

'Mechs may only be ordered and delivered from Factory planets spread throughout the galaxy. If a planet does not have a Factory present, no standard 'Mech deliveries may be made (see Black Market). You may order from your own Factories, or from Allied Factories. There is a built in delay of three days from the time you make your purchases until the time they are actually delivered to your planet.

A planets total production capabilities are determined by the total factories present on planet. All discounts, production resources, and chassis selections of individual factories apply to the planet as a whole.

Owned Factories:
  • All deliveries will be made to the Mothball Area on the planet.  You may then transfer the 'Mechs to either the Planetary Garrison, or to orbiting Jumpships.
  • If your Factory planet comes under attack during the 3 day wait, the delivered 'Mechs will still go to the Mothball area. You can still transfer 'Mechs to Jumpships, but not to the Primary Garrison (Full Lockdown).
Allied Factories: 

To order 'Mechs from an Allied Factory, you must have a Jumpship in-system at the time of your order.  Otherwise you will not be able even to see the' factory on your order screen. The 'Mechs are then delivered to your Mothball Area on the planet.  You may then transfer the 'Mechs to the orbiting JS.  If you have no JS in orbit at the time of delivery, the delivery will be waiting for pickup in the Mothball area.  Purchases made from Allied Factories while at Military Alliance are charged a 50% surcharge. 20% of the final purchase price goes to the bank of the factory owner (if factory owner and purchaser are at military-alliance status, then 10% of the purchase price is credited to the factory owner).

Pirates and Unassigned Factories: Pirates may order 'Mechs from factories on any Unassigned planet (Pirate's Haven is an example).  Normal Allied Factory rules apply.

Factory Slots:

Each Factory Slot has 4 properties assigned to it:

  • Tech Class - Clan or IS - This will determine the Tech output of the Factory
  • Preferred Chassis - This will be set to a specific 'Mech, within the Factory Tech Class.  Anytime this 'Mech is ordered from this Factory, normal 'Mech Costs apply.
  • Chassis Class - Light, Medium, Heavy, Assault - This is determined by the Preferred Chassis.
  • Monthly Production - Each Factory Slot may only produce a certain number of 'Mechs per month.  Each week, the Factory partially "recharges" as additional production materials are brought in. Heavy and Assault factory production is a little slower due to the longer build times.
Factory Upgrades:

Factories may be upgraded in two ways. As the time and expense required to make these changes are rather large, these can be some of the biggest expenditures in the league.  There are NO REFUNDS. Each factory has a base cost of 2 billion, multiplied by the current 'Mech cost. When you create a new factory slot, you are given the option to name the factory slot. Please name them in line with CBT standards for factory names.

  • Expand Existing Factory - This option will create a new Factory Slot on a planet that ALREADY has Factories present. You will choose the Preferred Chassis for the Factory creation.
  • Create New Factory - This option will create a new Factory on a planet that does NOT have Factories present. This is by far the most expensive option.
  • Factory Upgrade Costs:

    Modification Type

    Expand Existing Factory -
    Create New Factory -

    Cost Multiplier

    250x 'Mech Cost
    375x 'Mech Cost

    Production Time

    10 days
    20 days

Cross Tech:

All Factories are locked into their current owners Tech Class. Thus IS owned factories will always produce IS 'Mechs; Clan owned factories will always produce Clan 'Mechs.  There are two ways around this limitation.

  • Capturing an enemy factory: If an IS unit captures a Clan factory, that factory will retain its current Preferred Chassis, but its remaining production will still produce IS chassis.  Vice versa if a Clan captures an IS factory. 
  • Stolen Technology: The automation will keep track of all Cross-Tech 'Mechs that are stolen or salvaged by each unit. Once you have acquired 35 of a specific chassis, you will gain the ability to Expand one of your factories to that chassis.

Additional Expenses & Abilities

Selling Resources:
  • 'Mechs may be sold from any planet you own that is NOT under attack (Initial or Planetary Lockdown). They will be sold to the Black Market for a variable fee, depending on how saturated the Black Market is at that time with that particular chassis.

    Black Market Integration - When selling 'Mechs, you will be given the option to either sell them immediately to the Black Market, or to place them up for Auction. Immediate Sell will grant you cash right away, but at a lower rate. If you choose to Auction off your 'Mechs, they are placed in the Auction House, pending purchase from the Black Market. Once the 'Mech sells, you will receive your reimbursement, at a higher rate than an immediate sale.
  • Jumpships may also be sold. They do NOT go into the Black Market. They are returned to ComStar for safekeeping. You do NOT receive any funds for selling a JS to ComStar.
  • Charge Stations may NOT be sold.
ComStar Fees: 

In order to maintain its interstellar communications network, certain maintenance costs are charged to Inner Sphere units (House and Periphery).