Frequently Asked Questions

This section of the rules is constantly in flux. It is made up a compilation of questions and answers that have been brought up on the HPG Uplink as well as in E-mails from NBT members.

The Questions

  1. Are Unassigned planets able to be captured or colonized? -  02-27-03
  2. How does the capturing of cross-tech factories work? -  03-03-2003
  3. When an Attacker is picking their Drop Zone, what is considered "too close"? -  02-28-03
  4. Can you give some examples of what constitutes camping? -  06-22-2007
  5. What 'Mechs are counted as dead at the end of a match? - 03-23-2003


The Answers

  1. Are Unassigned planets able to be captured or colonized?
    • No.  Unassigned planets represent worlds that have either spent 100's of years below the Major Houses radar, being too unimportant to annex; or are uninhabitable. Pirates make use of Unassigned planets as temporary bases of operation.  Their industry and economy are actually held on their JS and Transports though, not on the actual planets.

  2. How does the capturing of cross-tech factories work?
    • OK, the situation we will use is Lyran Alliance capturing a Clan Jade Falcon factory planet. The planet has 3 factory slots present on it (Shadowcat, Thor, Loki). Upon capture, Lyran Alliance may now produce the Shadowcat, Thor & Loki from that planet. They may not produce ANY other Clan 'Mech. Those slots will be able to produce Inner Sphere 'Mechs though, specifically Medium and Heavy IS 'Mechs. 

  3. When an Attacker is picking their Drop Zone, what is considered "too close"?
    1. (NOTE: MW4-specific, will be updated from experience with MWO for NBT-MWO). If 2 Drop Zones are within 1200 meters of each other, this is too close. Each DZ has about a 200m drop radius.  Thus two DZs 1200m apart, could actually 'Mechs starting within 800m of each other. That is within instant range of a good dozen weapons. That means that on a map like Canyon with 6 DZs, if the Defender picks DZ3, then the Attacker should NOT pick DZ1 or 6, leaving them with DZ2, 4, 5 to choose from. Some maps offer no other choices for DZs other than right on top of each other. Only in these cases are you allowed to start within weapons range.

  4. Can you give some examples of what constitutes camping?
    • This is a VERY touchy subject. We hate specifically defining camping, as many individuals will use those definitions as chapter and verse, and view any other tactic as legal.  The primary means to define camping comes down to if it is your intention to engage in combat. You should be attempting to locate and engage the other team at all times. Now this does NOT mean that you have to be moving every second of the drop.  There are perfectly legal defensive positions on each map that can be taken up. But sitting in that same position for 5, 10 or 15 minutes waiting for the other team to find you shows no initiative on your part.  Take that position for a couple minutes, then move on to the next position. Sit, move on, etc.

      Remember that it does not matter if you are the "Attacker" or the "Defender" on a given night. Your goal is to ENGAGE the enemy. "Attacker/Defender" is primarily an automation term. In-game, all units are Attackers. If you are playing and you spend 5, 10, 15 rounds sitting in a single place, just waiting for the other team to get within your range... Well as harsh as it sounds, you have added absolutely nothing to the drop, and might as well not have been there. We could have put bots into the match with better results at that point.

      Some loose examples of what could be constituted as camping include (BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO!):

      • Moving all 'Mechs to a corner or edge of the map, and just sitting there hoping that the other team happens across you.
      • Shutting down your 'Mechs, hiding in a hole or corner and staying there
      • Sitting in a singular defensive position for the entire drop, or excessive period of time.
      • Constantly running away from combat without engaging.
      • Sitting the majority of your force in a singular position, with having a single Recon 'Mech searching for the enemy. A single roving 'Mech does not nullify this concept.

      You cannot assume that your opponent is going to be nice enough to do all the work for you and line up all his units in nice little rows so that you can take them down or walk up to your Hatchetman and turn around so that you can hack away at his rear armor. YOU are going to have to take action, engage, and yes, put your units on the line in order to win the drops. Remember that all of us are here to fight. The league is based upon the Mechwarrior:Online game engine. That entire game is based upon combat.  Sitting around with no intention of engaging is bogus. 

      Take action!!! Engage! Plan based on the maps that you are going to be playing on where your units chosen are there for actual play, not just sitting around waiting for somebody else to do something. No, you do not have to rush blindly at the other team in some bum rush every match. But you must move forward. Your initial battle plan should ALWAYS involve leaving your drop zone / map edge in some fashion, be it recons or in force. If your battle plan involves sitting at your drop zone, waiting to see what your opponent does.... then that is camping.

  5. What 'Mechs are counted as dead at the end of a match?
    1. ANY 'Mech that blows up is considered dead.  It is possible for all 16 'Mechs in a match to die. If one suicides or the last two blow up at the same time, etc, etc. If the 'Mech blows up, then it is dead.

      In that case, all 16 'Mechs are reported as dead. But it is still possible for one side or the other to win even in this case. The team that destroyed the most tonnage would win. Thus in a case where one team took 400, the other 395 and all 'Mechs died: The team that DESTROYED 400 tons would be the winner. All 16 'Mechs would still be dead, but the battle would be over. In RP terms the support personnel would then move in and steal, damage, take over the objective, etc.

      But if both sides took 400 tons, and both sides lost those 400 tons, then the Battle Ties rules would take effect. 'Mechs reported as dead, and another drop would commence.