Results & Reporting

Once you have completed an NBT-MWO battle, the following guidelines are to be followed in reporting the battle. This will enable accurate and speedy reporting, allowing the league to move forward at a rapid pace. This section covers battle reports, salvage, repairs, and forfeits.


"Minor Battle" Reporting Guidelines:

Providing that a battle has been fought, the following steps will be used to report that battle into the automation. Occasionally, you will attack a planet that has no garrison present. Proceed to Step 4 if this is the case.

  1. The Attacker reports first.He/she will go to his/her Battle Reports page. There are three buttons there. He/she will select the first of these, Attack Battle Report, and the resulting page will contain a list of battles to report. Select the correct Report button from this list. The Attacker will input 'Mechs they used, which '‘'Mechs were lost, as well as the final result of the battle (Attacker Win / Defender Win, etc).
  2. The Defender will then report second. He will select the middle button of the three on his Battle Reports page, Defend Battle Report. The resulting page contains a list of battles he/she can report. Select the correct Report button from this list.  The Attacker's data will be shown.  The Defender will enter which 'Mechs he used and lost, and review/confirm the data input by the Attacker.
  3. Finally the Attacker will confirm the Battle. He/she will select the third button on his Battle Reports page, Confirm Battle Report. The resulting page contains a list of battles he/she can confirm. He/she will review the data entered by the Defender and then the option to Confirm the Battle. It is at this time that any additional battle type bonuses will be handled (salvage, stolen 'Mechs, industry, repair, etc).
  4. On the Battle Reports page there is an additional tool entitled No Garrison. This tool can be used by the Attacker to check for No Garrison at the planet of Attack. These Battles will show once the Force Dec has been sent out and should be reported without delay. The Attacker will report, the Defender is bypassed, and the Attacker should then immediately confirm
  5. Salvage & Repair: At the end of each Minor Battle the automation will grant the winner a chance to repair a limited number of 'Mechs that were salvageable from the battlefield. The automation will produce a list of these 'Mechs, as well as the cost to repair each (40% of purchase cost).  You will need to enter the # of each chassis that you wish to invest money into.  The total amount will be deducted from your account, and the 'Mechs will be made immediately available (either on planet or on your Jumpship). Any 'Mechs not repaired will be counted as normal salvage.  Clans receive a slight bonus on their salvage ability. 


Additional Reporting Options

The following are descriptions of added options that will come up, depending on which battle type you may have launched.

Recon Data

The quality of the information would also be based upon the success of the Recon (Scaled Success). Thus if the attacker barely won the battle (only 1 survived) the quality of the data would be low (might only find out industry info). If they did really well (shut out) then they would get full information about the planet (industry, garrison, JS in orbit, etc). The # of 'Mechs surviving provides the Base Recon Points, plus a random bonus would be applied for each Recon.

There are 6 classes of Recon data available for each planet. These range from basic industry information to full planetary information as well as in-system Jumpships.  The Attacker must choose how they want to spend their Recon Points. They may either get excellent data on a single planet, or get vague information on multiple planets.

  • Recon Data can include:  Industry, Factory Slots & Production, Primary Garrison, Allied Garrison, Mothball area, Charge Station, In-System Jumpships.
  • Stealth Jump: If the Attacker wins a Recon due to his Jumpship NOT being detected they will receive full Recon data for this planet only. The Defender is unaware of this.
  • No Garrison: If the Attacker wins a Recon due to No Garrison being on the planet they will get Full Recon data for this planet, and will choose one other planet belonging to the Defender and will receive Recon data for this alternate planet as well (level 4 data)
'Mech Raids

After the completion of a successful 'Mech Raid, you are given the opportunity to steal from the on planet garrison. These 'Mechs may be stolen from the Primary Garrison, Allied Garrison or Mothball area (if applicable).  Different unit classes are able to steal a different amount of 'Mechs from the planet.  The amount of choice you get in this theft is determined by how well you do in combat (Scaled Success).

  • If a shutout occurs (100% attacker win), then the Attacker will get a full list of defending 'Mechs available, and may chose from any of those 'Mechs.  Basically free limited recon information.
  • If the Attacker wins by the skin of his teeth (1 Attacker 'Mech remaining), the automation will randomly choose 'Mechs from the planet that will equal the stolen tonnage.  This is always a selectable option, no matter the battle results.
  • The middle ground has various other options, including your being able to choose preferred chassis, but not knowing the amount on planet.  Recon data will not be given out unless you win in a shutout.
  • If there are not enough 'Mechs on planet to steal, then a modified set of Industry Theft Raid rules kick in.

Once your 'Mechs have been chosen, either by yourself or the automation, those 'Mechs are loaded onto your Jumpship. Pirate and Merc units have the additional option of immediately selling the stolen 'Mechs to the Black Market, receiving full value for the sales.


"Planetary Assault" Reporting Guidelines

There are a couple steps to be followed while fighting a PA against another unit.  Since Planetary Assaults are generally the most involved type battle in the league, sometimes involving 10, 20 or even 30 drops, we have provided an additional tool in the automation: The PA Tracking Tool.  This tool is to be used during the course of the entire PA, reporting 'Mechs and losses after each drop.

  1. The initial page will show which battle you are currently fighting, as well as various planetary information (Terrain, opponents, current status of the PA).
  2. Next will be a listing of the upcoming drop tonnages.  This will include the current drop tonnage, as well as the next 5 drops. These numbers will vary between 300 and 550 tons (50 ton increments).
  3. Under this will be a list of all completed drops.  This will show the 'Mechs used on both sides, as well as the numbers lost. YOUR remaining 'Mechs will be listed at the bottom of the page.
  4. Finally are the reporting options for the current drop.  You may finish the PA by reporting a retreat or a victory, or may report the current drop.
    • First it will ask you to enter the 'Mechs that you used in the drop. This will prevent units from using 'Mechs that are not actually on planet.
    • A list will then come up of those 'Mechs, asking you how many of each were lost.
    • If you are on a Siege drop, there is an additional option to report that the Siege Targets were destroyed.  This will result in an Attacker win in that drop, regardless of the # of 'Mechs destroyed.
  5. Once done the initial page will refresh with the updated numbers, and you may continue to the next drop.

Once the PA is finally finished, the following options will present themselves.

Attacker Wins - The planet is transferred to his control, and he is then free to unload additional Jumpships in order to garrison the planet.  His remaining Attack 'Mechs are transferred over to the Primary Garrison. Any Allied Attack 'Mechs are transferred to the Allied Garrison section.  Any remaining Defender 'Mechs may be retreated to orbiting Jumpships. .  If no JS are available, the 'Mechs default to the new planet owner.  During this retreat of 'Mechs the defender will also select a planet, owned by the defender, to retreat these Jumpships to once loaded. This retreat planet must be within 60 LY. The defender may choose to keep his Jumpships at the planet just lost and move them where he pleases after the battle has been confirmed.

Defender Wins - The Attacker's remaining 'Mechs are forced off planet into orbiting Jumpships. If no JS are available, the 'Mechs default to the Defender.  ALL enemy Jumpships in-system are then FORCED to retreat from the system, back to their planet of origin.  This is true even if the JS were not involved in the battle. The retreated jumpships will be forced through a full recharge cycle at the point of origin, even if there is a charge station there. This wait time models the effects of having to regroup and collect forces after a crushing defeat and hasty retreat.

Repair & Salvage - Both Repair and Salvage are affected by the number of 'Mechs you bring, in comparison to the Recommended Support of the planet. Bring too many 'Mechs and your salvage/repair % plummets.  Bring fewer 'Mechs, and you receive bonuses to both. Clans receive a bonus on their salvage ability. 

    At the end of entire PA, the automation will grant the winner a chance to repair a limited number of 'Mechs that were salvageable from the battlefield.  The automation will come up with a list of these 'Mechs, as well as the cost to repair each (40% of purchase cost). You will need to enter the # of each chassis that you wish to invest money into. The total amount will be deducted from your account, and the 'Mechs will be made immediately available.  Any 'Mechs not repaired will be counted as normal salvage.

Battle Confirmation - Once both sides have entered their final information, the Attacker will confirm the battle and it will become part of the public records. Jumpships will retreat, planet will change hands, salvage awarded, etc.


Allied Battle Reporting

Occasionally two units will be responsible for the defense or assault of a planet. By default the Planet Owner has control of any battle launched on their planet. They have the option of turning control of the battle over to a unit that has a minimum of 10 Allied Garrison 'Mechs on planet.  The info below talks about an Allied Garrison situation, but it also applies to an Allied Attack situation as well. There are a couple limitations on this:

Minor Battles:

  • Planet Owner may make use of ANY 'Mechs on planet when reporting usage and losses.
  • If the Ally is granted control of the battle, they may use ANY of the 'Mechs on planet as well.
  • The reporting unit (Owner or Ally) will receive repair and salvage options for the battle.
  • The automation will deduct the losses from the reporting unit first, and then the remainder from the other unit present on planet. 

Planetary Assaults:

  • Planet Owner may make use of ANY 'Mechs on planet when reporting usage and losses.
  • If the Ally is granted control of the battle, they may use ANY of the 'Mechs on planet as well.
  • Only the Planet Owner will receive salvage and repair options upon the completion of a Planetary Assault.  It is up to the primary unit to "share" the booty with their ally.
  • At the end of a PA, the 'Mechs are automatically deducted from the Planet Owner first, and then from any Allied Garrison present.
  • IMPORTANT: If the attacker wins a Planetary Assault, ownership of the planet is transferred to the LOGGING UNIT. This means that in the case of a successful Planetary Assault attack, if the battle was transferred from the Primary Attacker to an ally (Mercenary, for example), and the ally completes logging of the battle, the ally will get control of the planet, not the Primary Attacker. So it is important that the allies coordinate logging the battle to ensure proper ownership upon completion of logging. Note as well that this affects who is assigned salvage and repairs.



Forfeits may occur for several reasons:  No-show on a battle night, scheduling problems, inability to field the proper 'Mechs on planet, admin intervention, invalid 'Mech use (cross-tech weapons), etc. The following are the guidelines to be followed when reporting a forfeit.  We suggest not making use of these rules very often.  You joined this league to battle. Please do so. Or, to put it bluntly, "rules-lawyering" is not welcome in NBT.

  • Trespass Disputes: 4 'Mechs, 150 tons
  • Recons: 5 'Mechs, 200 tons
  • All Raids (except Factory Destruction and Guerrilla): 8 'Mechs, Displayed Tonnage
  • Factory Destruction Raid:  Determined by scale of the forfeit
    • Single Drop - 8 'Mechs, 450 tons
    • Entire Battle - 40 'Mechs, 2250 tons
  • Guerrilla Raid:  Depends on the size of the Guerrilla Raid.
    • Single Drop - 8 'Mechs, current drop tonnage
    • Entire Battle - Tonnage is the total tonnage listed in the ForceDec.
      • 3 Battle Raid - 24 'Mechs
      • 5 Battle Raid - 40 'Mechs
      • 7 Battle Raid - 56 'Mechs
  • Planetary Assault: A forfeit on a entire PA will result in the battle being recorded as a win for one unit. Admins will determine if the forfeited 'Mechs will be destroyed, captured or retreated, depending on the circumstances.
    • Single Drop - 8 'Mechs, current drop tonnage
  • Mix-Tech / Invalid DropDec Violations: 2 drops worth of 'Mechs will be destroyed by the offending team. Opponent will not lose any 'Mechs.


Final "Battle Reporting" Notes:

Partial Team Destruction:  If all 'Mechs of one team or the other have not been destroyed within the allowed time period, then the unit that destroyed the most TONNAGE wins the match. Thus it is required to record every drop in the automation as you play.  At least 50% of the tonnage of the other team must be destroyed for the drop to be a win for either side.  If this minimum is not met, or in the rare case of a tie, Battle Tie Rules apply. Surviving 'Mechs carry over for both teams. 

Battle Ties: In the rare event that a battle results in a tie (both sides destroyed exactly the same amount of tonnage), or not enough tonnage has been destroyed, then the battle is to be refought. The 'Mechs that were destroyed would still be dead, but in a PA the tracker does not move, and in a Raid, the drop must be redone. Thus, in order to prevent wasting pilot time, make sure you destroy your enemy completely.  

Scaled Success: On both Raids and Recons the degree of success is determined by the number of 'Mechs destroyed on both sides. The more Attacker 'Mechs surviving will result in higher damage or stolen goods. On the other hand, the more of the Defender 'Mechs that survive, the less that damage or theft will be. 

  • The Attacker's goal will be to destroy as many defender 'Mechs as possible, while still preserving your own forces.
  • The Defender on the other hand will try to destroy as many of the Attacking 'Mechs as possible, while keeping their own forces intact.

Immediate Reporting: Battle results are not updated into the database until all of these steps have been finished. It is in your own interest to get Battles Reported and Confirmed ASAP because, until they are, your resources are tied up and cannot be used for any purpose. ALL Battles will be Reported and Confirmed immediately after completion of the Battle. Each of the two Commanding Officers (or their representatives) will remain online to Report both sides of the Battle and Confirm the Battle.

There will be NO exceptions to this rule.  Battles not reported promptly will be reported by the Admins (not always with the correct numbers).  Deliberate delay will result in action by the Admin, up to and including reporting the battle and estimating losses as they see fit.