Battle Protocols

Introduction: These rules are for use to actually fight the battles within NBT-MWO.  They are designed to lay out the course of a normal battle night, what is expected of each team, and how the game is fought.


Pre-Battle Preparation:

These steps will take place before you ever meet on the game Servers.

Your command staff will receive a ForceDec from the automation, stating all the battle particulars.  This will include Battle Number, 'Mechs on planet, opponent, maps to be used, environment settings, etc. At the same time, a new thread will be created on the HPG Battle Arrangements forum. This is the OFFICIAL RECORD of communications between the respective Unit Commanders concerning this Battle. In determining forfeits, this will be considered the  official record. All scheduling should be handled here.

  • After a Force Dec has been issued, the units involved have 72 hours to contact each other to schedule a battle.
  • Both teams are responsible for establishing contact and scheduling the battle. A time should be agreed upon with 72 hours of issuance of the Force Dec. Failure will result in the battle being forfieted by the delaying party. The sooner both parties respond, the sooner their schedules can be determined and the battles be fought.
  • All Minor Battles should be completed with 7 days of battle launch.
  • Planetary Assaults MUST be started within 2 weeks of issuance of the Force Dec. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS unless there are VERY extenuating circumstances.
  • When posting your availability to fight a battle, please post availability for the each of the following 7 days to allow the other team to choose from.

Extended Battle Time-Limits: When fighting a Planetary Assault or a multi-drop battle (5-7 drop GRaids for example), each team should plan on fighting for a minimum of 2 hours and 3 drops on the scheduled night. After this time, the battle may be continued the following week. League preference on multi-night battles is that they be fought on the same day and time each following week until completed.

Differing Time Zones: Many times, the schedules of two units will not match exactly (especially when a Euro or Oceanic unit is involved). In such cases, the "Give & Take" concept applies. The first week should be fought at the Defender's time frame, with the following week at the Attacker's time frame, alternating back and forth until the battle is completed. This does mean at the other units time frame, not just an hour outside of ones own normal schedule. Standard US time is 2100-2200 (EST) on any night, and standard Euro time is 1500-1600 EST on the weekends. This concept may also apply when units fight multiple series of raids over the course of the league.

Another option is to get a 3rd unit (allies) involved to fulfill those alt-times that it may be hard for your unit to meet at. Regardless of who is fighting a battle though, the give and take should continue through, and the initial agreed upon time should be stuck to each week or alt week. This is an area will it will require two units to work together to get the battle accomplished. If you cannot work with other unit to complete a battle in this method, then you will need to look at merging with another unit, as you are not meeting the minimum requirements to hold a serious unit slot within the league.

Battle Sets: When you launch Minor Battles on another unit, we would like to suggest that you launch a minimum of 3 Minor Battles at the same time.  This will enable both teams to have a "full" night's worth of combat, rather than just getting the together for a 20-30 minute stint. Instead, they will be meeting for at least an hour, allowing everyone to drop and participate.  This does require have 3 Attack Jumpships launching attacks within a specific time period.  This is not a requirement, but it is common courtesy.

  • Practice and 'Mech Customization must be done before the scheduled time.
  • Inform your unit of the agreed upon battle time, requesting their presence.  We suggest that they show up at least 10 minutes early.
  • Games launch ON-TIME.  If your battle is scheduled at 9:00, then the game should begin at 9:00; players should not start arriving at 9:00.
Pilot Requirements: 

Each team should be able to provide the minimum number of pilots for each drop from their own rosters. We do understand though that occasionally things happen (real life mostly).  As such, each team is allowed to make use of Allied Pilots to round out its drop team, with the following guidelines:

  • All Allied Units may substitute no more than 2 pilots in any particular battle.
  • Units with Allied Garrison present on planet may drop from 0% to 100%, as long as they have 10 'Mechs remaining. After that, they become a normal allied unit.
  • General Rule (Offensive & Defensive) - Max of 2 Allied Pilots per drop.  Remaining Pilots must be of the Primary unit.
    • Exception - Clans at Full Alliance may share up to 4 Allied Pilots per drop, regardless of Allied Garrison.
  • Employer Defensive - Unlimited Merc and Primary Pilots
  • Employer Offensive - Unlimited Merc and Primary Pilots
  • Merc Offensive - Max of 2 Allied Pilots per drop.  Remaining Pilots must be of the Merc unit.
  • Merc Defensive - Max of 2 Allied Pilots per drop.  Remaining Pilots must be of the Merc unit.
  • Mercs are never considered Employers of one another for the purposes of Allied Pilots.
  • Remember - All of the above are rendered null and void if Allied Garrison or Allied Attack 'Mechs are present in the battle.  Then the unit that has the Allied 'Mechs present may share Unlimited Pilots.
  • All pilots should list their NBT unit insignia at the beginning of their names. All pilots in the same unit should have the same insignia.

Regardless of the sharing of pilots, these rules should not be abused in such a way to bring in "ringers" or similar setups. These rules are in place so that units may handle their battles in a timely and unburdensome manner, allowing both sides to get a much combat time as they wish, while enjoying the experience.



OK, 9:00pm on Tuesday night has arrived. Here is the next portion of the Battle Protocol.

NBT-MWO has an official teamspeak for Command Staff use. The address is: The Drop Commander of each unit should be in the Drop Channel 10 minutes prior to drop time.

  • NBT-Drop - This channel is reserved for those Unit Commanders who are CURRENTLY involved in a league drop.
  • NBT-Admin - This channel is the general room for all NBT Command Staff. Admins, Commanders, and Officers may meet here to discuss the league, options, questions, etc.

At the scheduled battle time, your pilots should begin joining the private MWO lobby, created by the defenders.  You will have 10 minutes to get all your pilots joined, 'Meched up, and clicked in.

  • You may only use 'Mechs that are available from your ForceDec, and that have not been destroyed prior in the night/battle.
  • Drop Tonnages are determined by the type battle being fought.  Each battle type (Planetary Assault, Guerrilla Raid, Factory Raid, Recon, etc) has different requirements to be met in both number and tonnage of 'Mechs. Where possible, the server will be set to limit these tonnages per team.
    • Trespass Dispute - 150 tons, 2-4 pilots, 30 minutes
    • Recon - 200 tons, 5 pilots, 30 minutes
    • All Raids (except Guerrilla and Factory Destruction) - 350-500 tons, 5-8 pilots, 30 minutes
    • Factory Destruction Raid - 5 drops; Per Drop (350-500 tons, 5-8 pilots, 30 minutes)
    • Guerrilla Raid - 1 to 7 drops, 250-500 tons, 5-8 pilots, 30 minutes
    • Planetary Assault - Unlimited drops, 300-750 tons, 5-8 pilots, 60 minutes
  • As a rule, the Defending unit always picks their side (Team Blue or Red) ande lances' starting points first.  Exceptions will be noted in the ForceDec.
  • Attackers then choose their lances' starting points.

If an insufficient number of pilots are available, then 1 reschedule is allowed (no last minute reschedules). If an insufficient number of pilots show up at the rescheduled date and time, then it is a forfeit. If a unit is unrepresented at a battle (no show with no communication), then it is a forfeit.


In-Game Rules:

Once dropped into a NBT-MWO league battle, there are a few more steps that are needed before you can blow each other to kingdom come.

NBT is NOT a HOT DROP league. All pilots must drop at the same time and must remain at the spawn point until all pilots have been accounted for and both Drop Commanders call "GO:.  That means no moving around, shooting, etc.

Calling "GO"
  • GO must be called within 2 minutes of server launch. This is enough time for both sides to confirm that all pilots are present and accounted for.
  • If a pilot disconnect occurs before GO is called and confirmed, the time period is extended to 5 minutes to give time for him to reconnect, or to drop a replacement pilot. If at 5 minutes a replacement cannot be found, both teams are to call GO, with one team short.
  • Both Drop Commanders will call GO. Once both have confirmed, the battle officially begins.
Game Rules:

Actual play rules that apply to all pilots.  Please make sure that all pilots are aware of these restrictions.

  • There are areas in many of the maps where it is possible to see through mountains, volcanoes and various other terrain features - it is illegal to camp there and watch for the opposing team to approach.
  • Camping – Defined as running off to hide at any point in the drop, with no intention of fighting. Your team should be attempting to engage the enemy at all times. You joined the league to fight - so FIGHT. Being found guilty of camping will result in harsh penalties.  Simple Version - Do it and the Admin will smack you. HARD.
  • ALL PILOTS will remain in the game until it is over. That means you DO NOT disconnect once you are dead. It has been found that disconnecting occasionally causes warping. This warping can affect the game still in progress.
  • Ping Problems: If a particular pilot has a consistent ping of over 1000, the other team may request for that pilot to be replaced.  This does not apply to ping spikes. A consistent ping of 1000+ contributes to an unplayable environment for both sides.



After the battle is finished, or between drops on a multi-drop night.

  • Once everyone has returned to the lobby, both teams must notify the other team of which 'Mechs were just taken. This is known as your "Drop Dec".  It is vitally important that this DropDec be 100% correct, under penalty of forfeit.
  • If further drops are planned for the night, both teams have 10 minutes to change out pilots, select 'Mechs for the current drop, and click in.
  • Return to Drop-Time rules.
  • If you are finished with all battles for the night, pilots may begin disconnecting from the lobby. Drop Commanders should stay online, in the NBT TS3 server to confirm that the battles are reported in the automation immediately.  See Battle Reporting Rules.

Remember: Battles must be reported as soon as they are completed.  So it is necessary to have at least one member present for each battle that has automation access. The automation is set up to make reporting quick and easy.  There is no excuse for delaying.  Once completed with the battles and reporting, both Battle Commanders may disconnect and go their own way. Until the next time they meet on the battlefield.


NBT Game Drops

  1. All battles will be fought using the Mechwarrior:Online game client private lobby.
  2. Lobby Settings will be:

  • Game Mode: TBD (depends on battle type)
  • Map: TBD (depends on Force Dec)
  • Tonnage Rules: TBD (depends on Force Dec)
  • Full Teams: OFF
  • Match Time (minutes): TBD (depends on battle type)
  • View Mode: First Person Only

  1. Map Settings: With each battle you will receive a Force Declaration, listing your forces on planet, as well as a list of lobby options.  Included in this, are the maps that are to be used.
    • Planetary Assaults - PA's will use the full map rotation within the planet's Terrain type.
    • All other battles - The ForceDec will list the maps to be used. This might be just one (TD, Recon, normal Raid); or it might be several (Guerrilla Raids, Factory Destruction Raid).
  2. Lobby Start Time: The lobby will be opened at the agreed upon Battle Time. You will have 10 minutes to 'Mech up and click in before the first battle drops. All pilots should be ready to drop for their first match at DROP TIME + 10 minutes.
Lobby Battle Maps: 

Maps for Raids, Recons and PA's are pulled from the Map Group assigned to the planet under attack. The map groups can be found at the following link:  Terrain Listing

Lobby Problems and No Available Admin

Admin E-Mail Address -

  1. If there is a problem with the lobby, and there is no Server Admin available, you may have a free reschedule. 
  2. The time period to wait for an Admin is 30 minutes.  After that time, you may call for the free reschedule.
  3. Individuals with admin access are listed as Operators in the NBT TS3 server. These ones are able to log into the admin auotmation and setup league matches.  Please follow their directions to ensure smooth battle nights for the league.